Program BMWC 9 was updated!

15. února 2007 v 16:38 | Cody
List of program on page http://bmwc.org/english/bmwc.php was updated! You can find there some amazing news!

URL official BMWC website has moved!

2. února 2007 v 17:35 | Cody
Old BMWC website has moved to new url http://bmwc.org and was redesined. Old website was redirected.
Hot news on new website:
  • interactive forms online
  • new design
  • interactive contact form
  • new guestbook
  • and many others...
We wish You like our new design!

Introductory article

26. dubna 2006 v 15:07 | Zahrada
Welcome and Merry Meet!
I have the honour of informing you briefly about a regular event called Bohemian-Moravian Witches' Conference (BMWC) which serves as a meeting platform for Czech pagans and other people interested in occult.