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26. dubna 2006 v 15:07 | Zahrada |  English
Welcome and Merry Meet!
I have the honour of informing you briefly about a regular event called Bohemian-Moravian Witches' Conference (BMWC) which serves as a meeting platform for Czech pagans and other people interested in occult.

This particular pagan event is designed for quite a limited number of participants and its character could be described as a small ecclectic pagan festival. Its difference to the common esoteric events is that it is non-commercial in its nature. It is organized for people with specific interest in pagan revival, witchcraft or magic. We do not organize BMWC for financial profit or for any profit except of fun, development and pleasure. There is no distinct line between those who contribute to the event and those who attend it and (as in case of usual esoteric events) eventually pay for it. Even the "price" is symbolic and does not exceed 3 euros(!!!) for covering expenses of the organizers. Therefore the participation is limited to the invited people only - we do not feel a need of having as many participants as possible. BMWC participants are expected and encouraged to contribude to the program items or to the organization and spirit of the whole event. BMWC is also not an attempt of founding any elite group, secret order, bussiness and financial resource, or anything like that. The only purpose of this ecclectic meeting platform is creating contacts among seriously interested people, building bridges and sharing skills and knowledge among those who appreciate it and are willing to share their own knowledge and skills with others. BMWC has not any other ambitions.
The organizer is called o. s. ŘEČ and it has a legal status of a "citizen non-profit society". This society is involved in organizing various events aimed on paganism, occult, esoterism, and ecology and serves as a legal "umbrella" for it. This society has found this weblog in order to provide a communinacion channel and public presentation for BMWC participants and its activities. You might even find various announcements regarding the organization of BMWC and other interesting events here as well.
This article is an introduction for an English section which is created for publishing news that can read any pagans worldwide and for translations of other important information which is published here, especially as far as the BMWC organisation and scheduling is concerned.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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